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I am Lorraine Pascale. You may know me as the Chef on the TV. I am also a speaker and author. My mission is to help you have less fear so you can achieve the things you want in life.  I am devoted to helping you overcome the self-doubt that holds you back so you can live a more fulfilling life. And become the bravest person you know.


This works

I was in New York a while back, and I was lying in my bed. I had just had an excellent breakfast. It was my day off. I had this fantastic new job, hosting a show, so I had been having a great time with great people. But that morning for some reason, this anxiety just...

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The answer is no.

Saying no gets easier the more you say it. It's something that I've been working on for a while. Everything I share is stuff that I'm learning as well. One of the first things about learning how to say no is boundaries. You have to know what your boundaries are. You...

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Don’t wait for it to pass.

60 SECOND READ Sometimes getting out of bed is hard.  I wake up with a debilitating lead weight feeling in my stomach. If I had to put a label on it, it would be danxiety. An emotional cocktail of feeling a bit down (so you only get the 'D' from the word...

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You have to keep going

  I finished eating the last of the 500g bag of dried fruit. That was exactly 400g of left-over-from-Christmas-cake sultanas in one sitting. Five minutes before, celebrity plastic surgery ‘before and after photos’ had caught my attention. And before that, a...

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I don’t want your dog’s poo.

I used to live in a small town outside of Oxford. When we moved in, we had a patch of garden at the back of the house. At first, it was just a pile of earth, but my mother paid someone to come in and cover it with AstroTurf. When it was finished, it was beautiful,...

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It’s just not working.

Ever tried so hard to be liked or loved? Knowing that no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to work? You have glimpses of the love you seek but it is never quite enough. Love is consistent, it is safe and it is kind. You can tell how someone loves you by the way...

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Driving a porcelain Bus

I was so excited about my New York work trip with my partner. I decanted creams into small pots, dusted off adapters and bought a few bits from Zara. I had 10,000 words of my book left to write. And a couple of meetings with some fabulous media folk. I booked...

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Put yours on first

  There are days when I don’t feel good enough. When the cross of high self-imposed expectations becomes a heavy cross to bear. . On days like these I try to fill the void with Netflix, fashion or food. Of course none of these fixes work to fill the ‘good enough...

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What if being good enough is enough?

You know how it is when you get so busy? Things fall by the wayside new projects come up and time runs away with you? And before you know it several weeks have gone past. Well, I have been in that state for the last few months. I am writing a book, and it is not about...

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