12 things you should give up to find your purpose

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  1. Lorenzo

    Inspiring and motivating, in this moment of my life it’s great for me because I do not know what to do with them and how to get out of the hole I’m in and they’re already 8 years old.

    I hope it is well written because it is translated.

    Thanks Lorraine

    • lorraine pascale

      Thank you so much for writing and I’m thrilled that it helps. They say to take things one day at a time ans to just start something to find your purpose. Thanks again. Lorraine

  2. Lerato Umah-Shaylor

    Thanks for this Lorraine. Fear is my biggest enemy! I combat it as much as I give in. Reading your post is a great reminder that regardless of how much I may be afraid of failing at something, past failures have made me greater and fear of failure is the ultimate self sabotage, and not the failure itself! x

  3. Charles Burbridge

    Thanks Lorraine I need to work on some of these. Food for thought but not too much.

  4. Malcolm

    I agree with you that there”s enough written about interoperability already. At heart, the reason we don”t have it is because those in charge don”t want it. There”s too much economic incentive for walled gardens. As you mention, the problem is with who”s in charge. Right now, with data becoming a core resource, you”ve got companies free-riding on the data generated by people simply trying to be healthy and live their lives. Granted, companies have created tools to capture and analyze that data but does that mean they now get to own and manipulate that data for their own purposes, free and clear and behind closed doors? We”ve put the cart before the horse on health data in talking about standards before purpose. If people and their data are now the product, we need to be discussing who pulls our strings and why. At the very least, we need to talk about to what extent.


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