20 ways to overcome your fear and procrastination of exercise

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  1. Allana

    Hi Lorraine, thank you for sharing this wonderful post! I qualified as a PT many years ago and exercise was my life! I then got married, had another baby and got comfortable as you do in relationships..the last post birth stone wouldn’t shift or should I say, I didn’t make a good enough attempt…fast forward 7 years and I have qualified as financial advisor where the stress has been beyond overwhelming and add another stone to the equation…I feel a mess…until something clicked over the last few months, I am on the doorstep of turning 40 in a couple of years and want to feel and look good so i rejoined the Gym and loved the feeling of total elation at the end of my first session but then I felt something was missing and this is where you came in speaking about TM and sharing your journey and I felt inspired to start and haven’t looked back. Every day I look forward to meditating and finding a place in my mind to escape and re centre. I even inspired my husband and kids to start too! So thank you!
    I am current in the midst of writing my first cookbook too so being able to focus my attention on the fine details is crucial. Thank you so much for your guidance without even knowing the impact your positivity has 🖤

  2. Bernie Pilling

    Hi Lorraine, loved this post, so thank you! The bit that resonated with me the most, was at the end where you remind us all, that some people cannot move their bodies for a variety of reasons; just being given the choice of free bodily movement is such a privilege and one that many of us take for granted. #gratitude xx

  3. Dirontsho

    Thank you for wonderful post. I started being active from the age of 17 because of the emotional pain I was going through. Running gave me strength to go on. Now I’m 41 years old , gym is my daily pill to reduce work stress and the nice thing now I can go with my daughter. She gives me motivation everyday even on days where I feel like not going to gym.
    We enjoy aerobics, yoga and dance classes .

    • lorraine pascale

      That’s such a lovely story. Thank you for sharing x


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