A day trip to Cambridge

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  1. Derek Van Ryne

    1) Treriksrøysa – Put one foot in Finland, the other in Sweden then bend over and put the palm of your hand in Norway !!
    2) Melbourne Cricket Ground – for an Ashes Test Match
    3) Dubrovnik
    4) Corsica
    5) Kenya – To watch elephants

    • admin

      This is so lovely! Thank you!

  2. Bob Hamilton

    How is it possible to eat street food without spilling anything on a white T-shirt?

    • admin

      I have lots of Tshirts when I cook and I change them!

  3. steven moran

    Never been cambridge look nice like chester been there lots of times

    • admin

      I really do recommend it. Wonderful place x

  4. Cambridge Colleges

    The tourist informed your correctly about Pembroke. It was founded in 1347 and is the 3rd oldest Cambridge college.
    Glad you enjoyed your visit, you got some lovely photos while you were in town.


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