Be who you want to be; The power of Authenticity

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  1. Ashley Burns

    It’s amazing to see people flourish doing what they love. What kind of life are we living if we aren’t using our talents and showcasing our hobbies?
    Two years ago I had the same pastry chef itch. Problem was, I was 150 pounds with a 34I cup chest size – nerve issues, neck pain, chronic migraines, bulging lumbar disc and sciatica that prevented me from walking much.
    Just a month ago I got a breast reduction – now I’m a D cup and am working on getting my strength back and hopefully be back in the kitchen. I’d love to be more raw and natural with my ingredients to stray away from what people are being told to eat by adverts and so on.
    I think about food all day, every day. I feel I’m not myself when I’m not doing my passion.
    I’m so happy to see you doing what you love. You’re an inspiration. I’ll be sure remember your amazing story when I’m feeling blue.

    • lorraine pascale

      Hi Ashley,
      Thank you so much for your inspiring email. You are obviously a do-er! You had a challenge and you sought to overcome it which is incredibly motivating. I am so happy you are working on getting your strength back and that you love good food! Awesome you have a passion too… Thank you for sharing. Lorraine xxx

  2. Simon L

    Beautiful and wise Lorraine, as ever your lovely words are inspiring and thought provoking! Let me tell you some of my story, and I hope it helps inspire others to share their experiences. Sorry if this is rather rambling but these topics are always complex and get to the heart of what life is about as you know. We all have a story to tell but whatever happens to someone, I believe the true person never changes. It is the exterior act some put on for various reasons that may change.

    I have led much of my life with various defences put up to protect the ‘real me’, the ‘authentic me’ and all because I felt vulnerable, insecure, confidence rocked early on, and then growing up and struggling to communicate when so often I had stuff to say. To give some idea, as a 6 or 7 year old in the 1960s wondering if we are in what we now refer to as a virtual reality world, and often wondering about the nature of time and space. Maybe all kids think like this but it was a big deal to me and most of those I was around didn’t want to talk about it. I struggled to get ideas out both at home and school. At school aged 5 being put on a ‘kiddy’ book to read because they didn’t understand me or my undiagnosed dyslexia. I was heartbroken because to me it was so boring and even though I couldn’t fluently read it, I could just as well not fluently read a ‘proper’ book because at least the latter wouldn’t be so boring. Having an older brother who was highly articulate and seen as the ‘very bright’ one by all apart from my mother, who understand I had it in me too. My older brother was indeed talented and went on to rise to the top of his profession before dying without warning from a massive heart attack whilst still young 😔. That rocked me for sure but still not enough to really start taking steps to be authentic. Experiencing parents row night after night before they divorced when I was 10 or 11 clearly had an affect too. Ended up living abroad for a year. Always hated school – certainly the traditional British boys boarding/day school I attended. It wasn’t until I was finally tested at age 14, and found to be dyslexic with a high IQ that I had a boost in confidence. The closest I got to being authentic was after falling in love but she lived 3500 miles away, we were young and after a few years we moved on…we re-connected a few years back however- just to give each other support during particularly tough times and we remain best friends. Anyhow, I got stuck in a life that I don’t like but I was surviving and in comparison to so many people in this world, I had so much to be grateful for! Of course I wasn’t really stuck but once I ended up with unplanned children and had the intense parental love that only a parent can describe and so did everything for them apart from show them (I now know!) the most important thing; to see their parents happy and in love. Not necessarily with each other! My parents divorced and it was the best thing they did together from my point of view. They remarried and then I finally saw love first hand. I often think; how can I complain when I have a job, a house, health, children, food, and a life without a daily fear of oppression, famine, sickness, etc…😥. The sadness in this world is overpowering yet I had put up barriers to the real me and didn’t go after or do what I really wanted. So dear Lorraine, thank you your inspiration. Reading your posts and watching your videos touched so many nerves in me that I finally started to focus on change, and so far things are looking better. I just have to to stick at it. I start to share the real me online – weird perhaps how social media and a bit of motivation can get that out of people😂. I realised that we are never ready and shouldn’t overthink before doing something. Just start and bit by bit keep moving towards your dreams. Try to stay kind and caring for others as you go, and do things with love and positivity, never anger or bitterness. Ahh, I have written far too much but maybe it helps someone else identify and move to better themselves. Have a nice day Lorraine, you are truly beautiful inside and outside💖. Stay positive yourself!🌹

    • lorraine pascale

      Thank you so much for sharing. You have been through so much! You write so well also. L 🙂

  3. Claire

    Love it Lorraine. I recommend The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle for more focus on spiritual enlightenment and personal development. It’s helping me focus and not run from my true self.

    • lorraine pascale

      Hi claire,

      Thanks for writing. This is awesome. I have read this book and although confusing I love the principles. Thank so much xx

  4. Nicola

    Really enjoyed reading these posts today / I lost someone really wonderful this weekend to cancer and posts like this really make you take stock of your life and make you question where you are in life as you only get one shot at it .
    I have worked hard bringing up kids and establishing a career but more than ever have this niggle that it’s not the real me but I’m scared to make that leap because I have bills to pay and very little time to take a step back from it all and make that change but equally over the last few months I have been more enthused and excited about making that change than ever ; it’s taking the leap and being out of your comfort zone that’s the hard part. Thanks for the little blog of inspiration though Lorraine because it’s made me more determined starting today to realise more of what I want in life than just day to day survival .
    Big love and god luck everyone x

    • lorraine pascale

      Hey Nicola, I’m so happy you enjoyed these posts today. I’m sorry for your loss this weekend.. so sad. You’re so right, one shot and so it’s like thinking what do I really want to do in life…. before I took the leap I did work a lot nights. Once My daughter was in bed I would work on things until 3am but I equally understand with all the other things you have going on how this may be challenging to adjust too. Happy you’re enthused!! And doing what makes us happy if we can find it is the greatest gift… have a lovely week and thanks for sharing xxx (excuse typos)


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