Crunchy black pepper halloumi dip sticks with harissa hummus

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  1. Mairi-a

    It also loves to be part of a bechamel sauce, grated, also on gratin courgette fritters, Greek Cypriot 🇨🇾 lemon pasta with loads of grated halloumi +dried mint mix ‘ tiropita , it becomes subtle and aromatic in pastitsio -moussaka , it’s Cypriot , with its artisanal roots going back in time…millennia… here in Cyprus it’s reveared ,made in villages,traditionally with ewes and goats milk, the animals feeding of the herbaceous fauna,wild thymes oregano mints bay etc ,vegetation NOT squidgy when freshly made, but melt in the mouth aromatic soft , with fresh mint in between its little pocket when folded .


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