I wonder why it’s okay to say to someone that they’re too tall but not okay to say to someone that they’re too short?

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  1. Nicola Moore

    I agree that it’s not acceptable for you to be told you’re too tall but as a five foot 1.5 foot woman I am fully aware of people making comments about my height. I was teased at school but it didn’t bother me. I come from a small family and to me it’s the norm. Luckily I like being small because if I was sensitive to it I’d have a hard time with the amount of comments I get/got about my height. I don’t take it personally though. I know I am smaller than the average person and often when people I don’t know well run out of things to say they’ll comment on it but I don’t take offence. I just agree that yes I am small – no big deal.

  2. Angela H

    I agree with Nicola’s comment above. I’m a short person but I don’t identify myself in that way unless someone decides they want to bring the subject up themselves. It depends on how it is presented to you but after 50 years of being identified by my height by other people I just couldn’t give a toss. I let them have their moment of joviality, smile and change the subject. As you say Lorraine, with the blessing of age you move on. I give thanks that people want to talk to me and I have made many wonderful friends through the opening line of “Hello shorty need help with that”.

  3. Simon S

    Hi Lorraine, I’m 6ft5 which is tall but not freakishly tall. I was 6ft4 on my 14th birthday. Life was never easy from a teasing point of view. Frankly I hated it. Upside was that I was good at rugby and made the perfect 2nd row forward. I did though, then and now, hate basketball.

    At junior school I was the second tallest kid, the tallest was a girl. By the time I was 14 I was way taller than her. Maybe girls grow upwards a bit quicker than boys. Anyhow because I was tall there appeared to be some sort of assumption that I was the most mature, cleverest in the class, yet in reallity I was far from that, I hated being tall, ‘special’ and all that, the extra responcibility did not sit easily on my shoulders.

    At secondary school I was an easy target because I was tall, even tho I was playing for the year above rugby team. I thouroughly hated school. “What’s the weather like up there?” Oh so funny and original!

    Of course being tall the sexiest thing in a girl would be tallness! At 17 I had a slim 6ft 16 year old girl friend. She too was not too happy being this tall, but at least she had someone she could stand next to and kiss upwards and I didn’t have to stoop to kiss!!

    Both of us had had a life of having the mickey taken out of them for being tall, generally it was good natured and you try to accept it as such but then there are some plain rude people who get off being nasty.

    Generally I try to ignore it and maybe it’s different for girls. You’re 5ft10 and like to wear 5 inch heels that only makes 6ft3. Pretty bloody perfect I would say!

  4. Gail Friesen

    These days, it’s hard to believe what people feel entitled to say. The invisibility afforded by the internet has turned so many people into trolls. They are just plain rude.

    Keep wearing those heels. I saw you on some of the American baking shows and you look great. I love your work. I forwarded your piece on meditation to my niece, who really appreciated it. My great-niece is showing a lot of interest in cooking and baking and will soon be old enough to get one of your books from Auntie. Your legions of fans think you’re great.

  5. Dee riggs

    Loved your blog Lorraine well done. As I’m only 5ft 3 I have empty with your blog as it works both ways

  6. Charles Burbridge

    Being tall for a girl is probably harder for a girl than a guy. That’s too bad because I think tall woman are very sexy. I am 6 foot 3″ and have always enjoyed it. Embrace your height Lorraine it makes a sexy lady even sexier.

  7. Rob

    As a 6’4″ man, my height has always been an advantage with the opposite sex. Just another double standard in society. But to your main point, I agree wholeheartedly that we need to be kind to one another and try to avoid negativity.

    I was at a holiday party when a well know personal trainer said to me: “With your frame, if you only spent a couple more hours in the gym each day you can look as good as me.” WTF??? For me, regular gym time helps me feel better not only physically and also mentally. But, then again, having a few too many pints in the pub with friends also makes me happy, as does fish and chips with too much salt and vinegar, or peanut butter on anything. It’s all about well-being, balance and happiness and several hours a day in a gym will never be part of that equation for me.

    So, to the self-proclaimed Adonis before me, my initial thought was to reply along the lines of: “If you would only read a book a year, you could have a fraction of my intellect,” or “I wonder how good your cardiovascular health is with the steroids and 6 million grams of protein you consume each day.” But that’s just putting more hate in the world. I had seen this guy had recently posted a shirtless, flexing pic of his perfect torso on Instagram with the comment “Must take off those 2lbs I’ve gained during this holiday season” – just the sort of thing that makes normal people feel worse about themselves. So, I looked at this guy and said as nicely as I could that he was being extraordinarily rude, and we had a discussion about it. As I get older, that’s my way of handling these things. Don’t be rude in return but I think it is important to let people know how rude they are being as their next victim may not be able to brush it off so well. Don’t confront negativity with more negativity but I think it is important to call out such behavior because, as Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    • lorraine pascale

      Thank you so much for your reply. Tall is beautiful and what a wonderful height you are!

  8. Tea

    I totally understand you. I’m tall womam (6’0″) and I like it but listening all the time comments about that is really anoying!


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