I wonder why we don’t have a mental health five a day?

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  1. Crina Boitor

    Maybe it is not the professional things that should be done but I know what helps me stay sane:

    * Enjoy at least one hour alone during the day (as so much of the inner dramas are fueled by the perceived chaos that would ensue losing the company of someone dear) – you don’t have to do anything, just enjoy your own company
    * Listen to music, any music that makes you feel good (dance while at it)
    * Play with an animal as they have an innate quality of enjoying the moment or in lack thereof contemplate nature in any form (even the small grass that managed to grow through the pavement)
    * Relax your body in way you see fit (a hot bath, napping naked, walk through a forest or a park, just sleep)
    * And finally, read a few pages from a book you like, it is a true pleasure for the mind

    Of course there are many other things that could be done, alone or in the company of others.
    Also, thanks for your posts, Lorraine


  2. BDG

    There is a 5-a-day for wellness produced by the NHS. Google it.
    It is

    Be active
    Notice (mindfulness)

    To this I would add
    Create- but that’s just me!


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