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Lorraine Pascale trained at the prestigious Leith’s school of food and wine. She then went on to graduate with a first class honours degree/summa cum laude in Culinary Arts Management at London’s University of West London. Whilst studying she participated in several ‘stages’ at some in some of the best kitchens in the London run by chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Marcus Waring and Tom Aikens.

During her final year of University, Lorraine opened a bakery in London’s Covent Garden selling cakes, tray bakes and cupcakes and it was at the time she filmed her first Television series ‘Baking Made Easy’ which along with the book was an instant hit in the UK.

More About Lorraine

Lorraine went on to film Home Cooking made Easy, Fast fresh and Easy and How to be a better cook on the BBC. Her shows currently air in over 70 countries worldwide. She is the author of 6 books with her 7th book a modern day baking bible to be released in Mothers’ day of 2017. In 2014 Lorraine’s filmed a documentary ‘Fostering and me’ to highlight and encourage the importance and benefits of fostering children. During the filming she was reunited with her foster mother whom she had not seen since birth.

Lorraine regularly appears on shows such as Loose Women, The One show, Alan Titchmash show and BBC Breakfast and is one of the hosts of the acclaimed Saturday Kitchen.

She is currently enjoying a burgeoning career in America, having 3 seasons of both the hit TV show, Holiday Baking Championship and the Spring Baking Championship under her belt where she judges along side The Ace of Cakes ‘Duff Goldman’. Recently she filmed a spin off from the US number 1 hit show ‘Worst cooks’ with Anne Burrell and chefs such as Bobby flay, called Worst Bakers where she co-hosts with Duff. The show is due to air in the Fall of 2016.

A Message From Lorraine

Hello bakers! I wanted to give you an insight in to why I am doing this website, so I have indulged in this more about Lorraine section to try and convey my message. I have faced many challenges in my time, like so many of us, and the way out has always been ‘through’. There are no shortcuts when it comes to trying to better yourself and to heal wounds of the past.

My beginnings were rocky being with several families from birth to 18 months through fostering and finally being adopted at 1 1/2 to a White family just outside of London. Being adopted by a family who themselves were not rather unstable, I ended up back in care at the age of 8 with a couple of families for just under a year. They say children are very resilient, that much appears true at the time and I believe it is not until children start to reach young adulthood that the problems actually arise.

My lucky break came at age 11 when rather than me be taken in to care again due to problems at home, a charity called Buttle offered to pay for me to go to boarding school which would give both my mother and myself time apart which would lessen the intensity of the problems at home and give me a chance of having a stable education. The boarding school is where I flourished, I began to make lots of friends, engage in all sorts of activities and really come out of the protective, frightened shell which I had put myself in. Whilst I loved sports, drama and biology, my biggest passion was Home economics-cookery. It was something about the taking of raw ingredients and making them in to a complete dish which tugged at my heart. For baking it is the magic which happens in the oven, put one thing in and metamorphosizes into something totally different which you can share with family and friends. I loved the almost instant gratification of it all along with the way it made me feel (and still does) when I was having one of my darker days.

After I finished school, I opted out of studying at 16-plus and found myself travelling to Australia, Ireland and then on to America as a fashion model, working with people such as Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. London, Paris and Milan all became my stomping ground as I hungrily sashayed down the runways for designers such as Chanel, Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent. But the only hunger was not just in my belly, my soul felt pretty empty too, I wanted more and to have that happiness people like my father had when he was a Spanish teacher and loved his work. I wanted to really love my work too. So shortly after my marriage and the birth of my beautiful daughter, I decided to hang up my high heels and start to find a job which I would really love to do (and perhaps eat a little more).

I bought a book called what colour is your parachute and started to read it cover to cover and do all of the exercises it suggested in your path to finding your passion. This took me from car mechanics, to interior design, to hypnotherapy and then finally to Leiths school of food and wine where I completed a year diploma and then went on to study at the University of West London where I did the degree and also did stages in some of London’s top kitchens as mentioned in the ‘about Lorraine’ section above. The hours were brutal and I moved on to working in a bakery before setting up a bakery myself in London’s Covent Garden which was open for 5 years before I closed it down in 2014.

From opening the bakery offers of TV and Book deals came which I am involved in now to this day along with working heavily in the States on shows such as The Worst Bakers and The Holiday Baking Championships. It is important to me to do things with meaning and to help people lead happier lives in ways which I can and I work with the charity TACT as well as Barnados and other fostering and adoption charities. Because through all the searching for what makes me tick and finding work that I love, I realise the only route to true happiness is to give back in which ver ways we can, no matter how small. So baking is the basis of what I am doing at the moment, and I am always looking at ways of doing more. I am creating lots of fun recipes and educational downloadables for this website for you and also thinking about going back to University (online this time) to study a masters in Psychology and the neuroscience of mental health as a little side extra. We shall see! I hope that you enjoy this website as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you.

Have a great day.

Big love LP xxx

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