My 10 ways towards accepting your body

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  1. Jocelyne Smith

    Thank you for such inspiring words. Exactly how we should inspire ourselves.

  2. Heather

    I just adore you!! You and Nancy were so cute and funny on Farmhouse rules. I loved it when you mimicked the American accent!

    I am starting a new journey in my life and watching women like you and Nancy live your dreams helps me believe I can too.

    • lorraine pascale


      Thank you so much for your email! This makes me smile. And so much for your great words x

    • lorraine pascale

      Thank you Heather!! Lovely word and so happy that you liked the show xx

  3. yellow

    Kеep on worкing, grеat job!

  4. Emilie

    I just happened upon this article and loved it. Your words are so true– the comments that we make can break down or inspire others– and it’s up to us to try to be the inspirational ones. It’s time to try to love that person in the mirror who has delivered babies, worked hard, scrubbed, cooked, and just survived. Treat this body with love and care– take good care of it, and love it for getting you through all that you’ve been through. PS– you are beautiful, inside and out <3


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