My Story

My mother handed me straight to the Mothers Hospital in East London on the day I was born. I spent the next eight years moving from children’s homes to foster homes, to an adopted home and back into care again, when my adoptive mother decided she couldn’t cope and handed me back too.

With that kind of start, my story should have had a pretty predictable ending. But I realised early on that how my life began didn’t have to determine how my life played out. I knew that how my story evolved and ended was down to me.

I’ve had several life adventures and careers over the past twenty years. I’ve been lucky enough to work on passion projects that have brought me joy, and had opportunities beyond my wildest dreams. The thing that enabled me to pursue those dreams sounds blindingly obvious—so obvious we often overlook it. The first step was deciding what I wanted. I couldn’t have gone after those dreams or achieved those goals unless I worked out what I wanted beforehand. I’ve always had to build a bridge between where I was and where I wanted to be. Those bridges were both practical and emotional. I’ve learned a lot about having the courage to live the life I want over many years of trial and error.

And now I want to share what I’ve learned about making those choices a reality with you—so that you can find what lights you up and go after it too.

I’m Lorraine Pascale, and I help people to have the courage to live the life they want.


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