Skin friendly stuffed pepper boats with feta and chilli

It's always sunny somewhere.... Today the sun is shining in London Town! I am Inspired by the warmth and the bright clothes that people are wearing today. And I had to get in that kitchen. I bring you Skin friend stuffed pepper boats. The recipe is full of ingredients...

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This is the salad you be should be eating now

Summer is throwing us its best angles at the moment. The time has finally come to get your legs out, get that dress out and start on the Pimms. It is also salad season, and if you are fed up with the ones from Pret, then this is the salad you should be eating now. I...

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Death by chocolate

200g butter, softened (I use salted) 350g soft light brown sugar seeds of ½ vanilla pod or ½ tsp vanilla extract 1 tsp Camp coffee essence (optional) 6 medium eggs (at room temperature) 280g wholemeal or regular self-raising flour 1 tsp baking powder 60g cocoa powder...

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Chocolate fruit and nut Simnel cake

Simnel cakes are light fruit cakes that are traditionally made at Easter. Many people in my family are not fans of rich fruit cake, but throw some chocolate in and they come running for it! I hope you like this twist on the traditional. Use whatever dried fruits and...

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Protein Packed Vegan Buddha Bowl with black Sesame

Can't get enough protein on a vegan diet? Well this dish should solve that problem for you. This Buddha bowl is packed with protein and all the good stuff. A perfect dish for your meat free Monday, Vegan vibrant and quick. I chose a balsamic ginger dressing but feel...

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Chicken and kale mini burgers with Five spice and Chillii

This is the only chicken burger recipe you will ever need. I do not eat lots of red meat and at the moment I am off fish (more about that later), so I am trying to make chicken sexy. Chicken does not taste great on its own it is pretty bland and it needs all of the...

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Quick Mac and cheese with Crunchy Ciabatta topping

Firstly I want to say I apologise for the picture. I was not planning to do a blog post recipe at all, but I put this picture on my Insta Stories and lots of you asked to see the recipe. You know I am all about the healthy food but of course I love to indulge in...

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Quick Gazpacho Soup

Although it's cold outside, I like to eat my all time favourite soup, Gazpacho at anytime of year. I recently had this delicious soup at Six senses hotel in the Maldives (pictured above) but it inspired me to share the recipe for my version (which is untraditionally...

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Easy Chicken Caeser Salad

I love a Caeser salad. One of my favourites to take with me when I’m out and about during the day. But I do like to add some protein to it to make it more filling and to change the dressing somewhat so it’s not so massively full of fat. Being in my forties now, I am...

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