Purpose, Passion and Pumpkin Cranberry Soda Bread

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  1. Gavin Longy

    Wow this looks so amazing, I have never made 🍞 bread but I am going to set v side some time and have a go. I enjoy making cakes but have always avoided bread, I think this is the time to try

    • lorraine pascale

      Soda bread is a good one to start on 🙂 x and thank you

  2. Mili Randelovic

    Recipe to try! Thanks for sharing Lorraine 🙂

  3. Linda

    I love your giving sharing nature. And I do have all of your books. You make everything so accessible by making it seem easier enough that I could try it. Thankyou

    • lorraine pascale

      Thanks so much Linda. Much appreciated. Have a great day xxx

  4. Raine (Lorraine)

    I can just imagine how good this must smell. I miss baking will have to try this recipe it looks so delicious!

    • lorraine pascale

      Great! Let me know how you get on with it 😉
      And thank you x

  5. Lohit Kulkarni

    Woowwww… That looks amazing 😍😍 will try definitely… Not a great baker or cook.. bt i guess with your recipe…i can do it…. And yes… For the book… Here’s my insta @lohya_k

  6. Florence Nkosi

    I love watching all your cooking shows and I love food,I love to learn to cook it will be awesome if I can get one of your cook books, please let me know if they are available in South Africa, one day if I ever come to London one day I would love love to meet you,if God allows ,

    • lorraine pascale

      Hello, if I do come to South Africa I will for sure post it on my website.
      Thank you!


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