These easy steps will help you to destress quickly

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  1. Jonathan Thompson

    Really great advice Lorraine. Once again, it’s so good to see people like you sharing this and making it more mainstream. Less than 8yrs ago this kind of thing was for the fruit loops, but it just works. It’ll make you feel better and that’s all that matters.

    Thanks so much for sharing, the world can never have too many positive voices connecting us together.

    Jonathan xx

  2. Emily Bunting

    Thankyou 💛
    Great advice, and I will be consciously working these tips into my life.
    Having felt constant stress for the last couple of (actually 8) years, due to my environment and circle.. and just accepting that as my lifestyle.. I’m now realising just how unhealthy it is to live that way, and how vital it is to manage stress levels. I’ve been a fan of yours for years, initially with baking, but lately I’ve found Your lifestyle stuff, your Instagram and blog are truly inspiring 🙂 !! keep up the good work xxxx

  3. Angela

    This is a great post. I try to practice a lot of this regularly but sometimes you just need a reminder that it’s helpful, especially when you’re struggling.

  4. Robina

    Great blog and very true and inspiring 🙂 just what was needed in this never ending January !! A great reminder that the simple things in life are the best and we need to simply let go and relax xx thank u for the reminder

    • lorraine pascale

      Hello Robina, thanks so much for your reply. Glad you enjoyed the blog. Have a lovely evening xxxxx

  5. Ivy

    I really needed this! Both of my boys and I had a bad day yesterday. Great advice.

  6. Charles Burbridge

    Great list I do a lot of them and will add some to my list. Also if you look like that when you wake up Outstanding, I just payed you a compliment and it felt great. Have a great day.

  7. Denise mbuluku Manenga

    Hi, sweeter I would like to see you I loved cooking.


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